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🔥🔵 Roman Gladiator Helmet - Spiked 🔵🔥


Be the ultimate warrior with our Roman Gladiator Helmet - Spiked! 🛡️🦾

Inspired by the iconic gladiatorial helmet worn by Roman General Maximus in the hit movie “Gladiator,” this fantastic (unofficial) replica is a must-have for history enthusiasts, cosplayers, and collectors alike.


Key Features:

  • Authentic Design: Crafted from polished 18-gauge steel, this helmet captures the essence of ancient Rome.
  • Steel Spikes: The menacing spikes add an intimidating touch, perfect for the arena.
  • Padded Lining Cap: Comes complete with a separate padded lining cap that can be glued in for comfort.
  • Conversation Starter: Whether for fancy dress, re-enactments, or display, this helmet is a brilliant conversation piece.


  • Material: All steel construction
  • Size: Full-sized and wearable by most people
  • Movie Replica: Similar to the helmet worn by Russell Crowe as General Maximus

Roman Gladiator Helmet - Spiked

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