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From Cardiff to London!

So in our last blog we told you lovely reader, that Cardiff was our first large scale Comicon. Well we enjoyed so much, as soon as we got home from that show, with some gentle persuasion from show goers and a few crew, we booked the London Winter Comic Con in Kensington, ENGLAND!!

One thing was obvious, our recent van purchase was definitely going to come in handy, as we normally attend these events with 2 cars! Oh how times have changed!

Some of the Cariad Crew also decided it would be a good time to dessert me and qualify for a swimming competition, which meant we had to call in the big guns to help! The Lovely Mrs Griffiths, who has never been to a convention offered to help!


The set up is the same as any other event we have done, but again seeing the hall in the Olympia in this way was is definitely an eye opener! And I am sooooo glad the Mr Cariad Confectionery bought me a new trolly as I would have conked out on set up day without it as I always rely on his help lifting and shifting boxes!

Mrs Griffiths, however wasn't fazed at all and jumped in both feet. Lifting and shifting box after box, not too sure what to make off all the stuff that was coming out of our van, saying once "its like that blue sci fi box on the TV", in shock that she didn't know what Dr Who was let alone watch it, I knew the weekend would be an education for her!

With the stall set up in record time, we went off for a wander to see the rest of the event before it got manic. Friendly faces from Cardiff and Swansea Comic were also trading at the event, and it helped calm the nerves. After all I had never done an event so big and without the supervision of the rest of the Cariad Crew!

We also had time during set up to have a cheeky look at the lego set up, which I have to say puts my creations to shame!


Kick off on day 1 and the only complaint I have is that people kept asking Kit Harrington question at the end of the day and the show over ran by an hour or so, and if that's the only complaint I have, then it cant have been a bad day! He did however say night on the way out, so I won't hold a grudge!

Mrs Griffiths had a whirlwind tour in about a hundred and one different t.v shows, sci fi films and magna that by the end of the event, she wanted to know when we were doing the next one! She also scored brownie points on the celeb spotting challenge by spotting Frank Skinner walking past the stall and checking out the displays, I was too busy geeking out over a Tasmanian devil hoodie from Canada!


So after settling in, and getting into a rhythm, the interaction with visiter to the stall, turned into spotting cosplayer dressed like something on the stall, which made for a new excellent conversation starter!

TUBBZ were a big hit, with all our Horror selection selling out on Saturday! Closely followed by the Limited Edition Horror G-Fuel cans!

Best guest for me had to be this fella........

If you are of a certain age, you may remember Craig Fairbrass from Eastenders, but this gent is a personal favourite of the younger Sweet tester, where Craig appears as Chef Zeff in One Piece.

A big thank you has to be given to the Showmasters Crew who made sure I snagged his autograph, winning me some extra brownie points with the rest of the Cariad Crew as apparently, I had gone off to London with out them......?!?


So Would we do it again??

In a nutshell......Yes, what's not to like?? Its a cracking event that isn't as busy as the summer event. So if you haven't been to an event like this one, it's a cracking one to start at. And if your new to the convention scene as Mrs Griffiths was, she definitely would be back as it was a completely different event than what she was expecting!

So thank you London Winter Comic Con we had a blast and will definitely be back for more very soon!

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