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Stars of Time review

So this weekend saw the first ever Stars of Time comic convention in the LC in Swansea.

How did it go I hear you ask.......?!?

The Cariad Crew are happy to report that our experience from the early morning set up, to trading and tear down was an absolute breeze!

Harry and the Stars of Time crew provided us with a seamless event, from the point of booking our pitch to answer any and all of my questions to helping me get the van out of the at the end of the day.

Doors opened to the public at 10, and up to lunchtime the cue stretched over to the museum, thank goodness the Welsh weather was on our side and the cueing public got to enjoy some sky as the waited to get into the hall.

The visitors were all ages from babies in superhero onesies to adults of all ages, and if you visited our stall, it was definitely the big kids that had the most fun trying on our props and discussing our Destiny Tubbz!

Our products went down a treat with all who stopped on the day, with many commenting on the wide range of what we had to offer. Which is grate to hear as we love everything we stock too!

We sold out of many products including our Giant Ghostbuster Tubbz, Valkyrie Helmet, popping candy and many of our Tubbz, which was amazing as we had no clue what to expect as this was as we keep banging on thet this was the first ever event for Swansea. There was one point I thought things could take a turn, I thought Mr Cariad Confectionery was going to cry when the last Root Beer can was sold! But don't panic reader, we got a restock in yesterday of our popular Bags root beer, and I am happy to report that Mr Cariad Confectionery has come down from def con one and has his very own root beer six pack!

The lay out of the event was well thought out with photo ops and guests all along the perimeter wall of the event with all traders located in wide, customer friendly isles. Which was an added bonus as there were many mobility scooters and visitors with additional needs so it helped make the event as inclusive as possible. The cosplay guys were located just to the side of us and it was fab to see them interact with all visitors. I have to say we got in on the action nabbing some photos of them with our Tubbz!

We've been on the convention scene for a year now and we've met some fab traders, some of whom where here at this event, so its nice to know were joining in on similar events. Its all cool that were making links with groups like the Saber Guild, who we first met in Cardiff Come-on, and again in London Spring comic, the boys of the Cariad Crew have even gone as far as to buy padewan braids and lightsabers to join! We've even linked with the Welsh Ghostbusters with the promos of becoming their Twinkie dealer!

It's really an exciting time that the Cariad Confectionery name is becoming well established on the convention scene. Some customers are attending various events over the country and looking out for us so they can add to their collections at the same time. So if you can to see us like some customers from our food festival days, We just want to say a big thank you for supporting our family business, we're so grateful for your support!

So to wrap this up, a final word on our first outing with Stars of Time, It could not have gone any better, we really enjoyed the family friendly vibe, and were gutted we didn't manage to book on to any of their other events, but panic not lovely reader, we will be booking on the next available Stars of Time event as soon as they become available!

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