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Why is it getting harder to find some of your favourite American Candies in UK stores.......

The answer is simple

UK Trading Standard Departments all over the UK are SEIZING Mountain Dew, Jolly Rancher, Swedish Fish and Lemonhead amid crackdown on American junk food that is linked to infertility and health issues. Cariad Confectionery Ltd has taken the decision to remove these from sale with immediate affect.

We monitor the list of approved foods and pull from sale when advised to do so.

Those who have placed orders in recent days will be offered a full refund or the option to amend your orders.

Some of our popular and well loved lines have been added to the UK list of banned foodstuffs from the US, and they include Jolly Ranchers, Swedish Fish and Twizzlers, these join ALL Hostess products previously included in the restricted product list including Apple pies and the famous American "Twinkies" and US Cheetos.

Candies like Jolly Rancher, Swedish Fish and Lemonhead contain several additives that are legal in the US but banned under EU and UK law due to their links to cancer, infertility and other problems.

In the UK, at least nine popular US products are now being seized by officials because of the ingredients they contain.

Among them are Twizzlers and Lemonhead, which contain mineral oil — a substance derived from petroleum that studies suggest raise the risk of cancer.

Dubble Bubble is being removed because it contains BHT, or butylated hydroxytoluene, which studies show can promote tumour growth and impair blood clotting.

UK officials were also cracking down on Mountain Dew because it contains calcium disodium EDTA, which is linked to cancer.

And Sunny D and Mirinda were seized because they contain potassium sorbate, a food preservative that raises the risk of allergic reaction.

Mineral oil, BHT, calcium disodium and potassium sorbate are all banned from food products in the UK because of the health risks.

UK officials are also seizing Swedish Fish, Jolly Rancher and Hot Tamales because they contain colour additives, including Red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6 and blue 1, which are linked to hyperactivity in children like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as well as problems with the immune system.

John Herriman, the chief executive of the UK's Chartered Trading Standards Institute behind the seizures, said: 'The UK prides itself on high food standards but this very much relies on Trading Standards ensuring that what is on sale complies with the law.

'It is, therefore, extremely worrying to learn that confectionary that we know will appeal to children is on sale in UK high streets, and that it could be linked to hyperactivity in kids and even cancer.'

Cariad Confectionery will continue to monitor Trading Standards, and adjust our product line accordingly.

We will always bring you the best range of confectionery and gifts.

Where we are able, we will find UK approved US substitutes just like we did when the classic Hostess Twinky was banned due to the UK banned flour used, we replaced it with the UK approved Swinkie made for the UK & European market!

So don't panic just yet, we still have a wide range of American Confectionery, Snacks and Drinks.

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