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In Ghostbusters, Stay Puft is larger than life as he rages around New York City making his ghoulish presence unmissable. Now Giant Stay Puft TUBBZ makes his mark in the duck pond too. He’s super-sized, much larger than the other Ghostbusters TUBBZ and all collections need him! 


And yes he smells exactly like marshmallows!!


  • Official Ghostbusters merchandise. 
  • TUBBZ – your favourite video game, movie, TV show, and comic book characters come to life as cosplaying ducks. 
  • Collect them all – 10 to collect in the Ghostbusters Tubbz range. 
  • Premium collectibles – highly detailed features and made from high quality PVC. 
  • XL Size TUBBZ – approximately 9” (23cm) tall and 150% larger than regular TUBBZ! 
  • XL Stay Puft TUBBZ with marshmallow scent 
  • Limited edition!  2000 units available, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Ghostbusters GIANT XL Stay Puft TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck – Marshmallow Scented

£89.99 Regular Price
£75.99Sale Price
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